Bathroom Remodeling in Bartlett IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Bartlett Illinois: a renovated bathroom with new tub, faucets, cabinets, countertop and more.

Bathroom Remodeling in Bartlett IL

The Sunny Construction & Remodeling team was able to transform this Bartlett IL bathroom into a brand new experience. There were several primary areas that we completed in this bathroom remodel.

First, we replaced the existing bathtub with a new tub with a stone/granite appearance. We also replaced the shower enclosure with a new shower. The walls around the tub and shower, which were previously beige, were replaced with matching granite-looking tile and siding.

Next, the old plain white laminate countertops were replaced with real granite countertops. The bathroom cabinets underneath the sink area were previously plain tan wood. These were upgraded to new black cabinets.

Finally, we also replaced the standard tile flooring with faux-wood laminate flooring. The end result: this Bartlett IL bathroom renovation changed the mundane bathroom into an upscale bathroom. This helped improve the aesthetics of the bathroom and the overall value of the home.

Bartlett Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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