Carol Stream, IL

Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg

Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg, near Chicago

Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg

Sunny’s Remodeling gave this kitchen in Schaumburg a well-deserved update, with no piece untouched. The kitchen space now feels more open, with added storage to remove clutter from the countertops. The once mauve countertops are now a stunning quartz surface that is safe for heat and stain-resistant.
What was once a cramped, retro space with the little area available for food preparation and outdated appliances is now a modern entertainment hub fit to entertain family and friends. The beautiful island adds space for food preparation or additional seating.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Elk Grove Village

Kitchen Remodeling in Elk Grove Village, natural stone counters

Kitchen remodeling in Elk Grove Village

This newly updated kitchen in Elk Grove Village by Sunny’s remodeling team beams with bright light and sophistication. Nearly every surface and part of this kitchen had a makeover, but the charming bay window was kept, and it really helps to tie the new design together.
Added floating shelving helped to clear off countertops while adding to the modern design. The kitchen feels inviting and warm while having the elegance of stone-like counters and stainless steel appliances. The new ashen wood flooring in light wooden colors will make clean-up a breeze while adding beauty to the kitchen. The tiled backsplashes give glimmering appeal and shine to the kitchen.

Entertaining the family in this kitchen will feel so natural now. The light catches in all the right places, and pulls you into the kitchen. Even preparing food and washing dishes at the sink will now give the homeowners a stunning view due to opening up the window space for a better atmospheric scene.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Roselle

Kitchen Remodeling in Roselle, new kitchen backsplash, flooring, cabinets, countertops

Kitchen remodeling in Roselle

This small kitchen in Roselle opened up into a great space to share meals and memories with families when Sunny’s Remodeling redesigned the space.
The warm gray of the walls detracts from the bustling atmosphere that the previous green walls added to the kitchen, helping to provide a comforting space. The clean look of the new color scheme combined with added storage makes this space more welcoming to guests.
Additional cabinetry and a new standing pantry gave storage in a previously cluttered kitchen, making the kitchen feel more open and inviting. The homeowners will now be able to prepare large meals without feeling cramped in their kitchen. What was once free-standing storage that clashed with the décor has been revamped into built-in kitchen furnishings that add value and beauty to the kitchen.

The new island with an oversized and overhanging counter provides maximum food preparation space as well as additional seating for entertaining guests. The island also provides drawer space with vintage style drawer pulls.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Winfield

Bathroom Remodeler in Winfield IL

Bathroom remodeling in Winfield

Our team at Sunny’s Remodeling took this bathroom from a barebones unusable space to an oasis of comfort and relaxation. The style mixes vintage with modern for a marriage of elegant design that invites you to unwind. Recessed storage in the shower allows for easy access to personal hygiene products, while the new showerheads bathe you in the luxury of a waterfall. The new tub provides a larger space by having a thinner frame, making relaxing in the bath the ultimate luxury.

The large vanity provides storage, while adding beauty with its dark hues keeping to the black and white color scheme. The oversized mirror will make getting ready in the bathroom easier, with the added lighting making the space warm and inviting. The new flooring in geometric hexagons with marble-like tile makes for easy cleaning and provides durability. No detail was overlooked in transforming this bathroom in Winfield into a luxurious getaway from the chaos outside.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Hoffman Estates

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Schaumburg and Other Chicago Suburbs

Kitchen Remodeling in Hoffman Estates

This kitchen remodels in Hoffman Estates done by Sunny’s remodeling team opened up space and by adding lighting, updating appliances, refinishing the island, and replacing cabinetry. The layout of the island was refreshed for ease of use, putting the cabinets on the opposite side, facing the sink now. The updated color scheme of creams, pale blues, and a grey and black backsplash coalesce into an intricate design which is warm and inviting and open.

The new backsplash adds both beauty and function, making it much easier for the homeowner to clean the surfaces than the previous wallpaper. The outdated wallpaper was updated with beautiful tiling and a new paint job. The new chandelier lighting has old-town charm while mixing modern and traditional styles. The new stove, dishwasher, and hood exhaust in beautiful stainless steel tie the room together while giving a smoother surface to clean. The quartz countertops and top of island give the island an elegance that was missing before the remodel.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg, IL

Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg

This kitchen needed a modern update that kept the cozy feel of the home. This open and updated look still pulls off the cottage vibe, with cleaner edges and more space. Everything from the sparkling off-white wall tiles to the newly updated stainless steel appliances and beautiful stainless steel hood exhaust was put in place to bring new life to this once shabby kitchen. The added lighting and cleaner colors helped to make the kitchen space feel more open and inviting. The new windows installed help bring in more natural light during the day. This rehab job said goodbye to flimsy laminate floors and hello to solid hardwood, making cleanup a breeze. Now, this kitchen is fit for entertaining guests, with convenient pickup after they leave. All the new materials used are easy to wipe down, helping to keep this pristine kitchen looking top-notch well into the future.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Hinsdale, IL

The remodeling job done for this bathroom in Hinsdale brought it from lackluster to shining brilliance. Check out the updates made.

Bathroom Remodeling in Hinsdale

  • In-wall shower caddy and ledge – The in-wall shower caddy adds convenience while also adding a unique design touch, and the shelf adds comfort while showering.
  • Marble shower – The marble shower adds the ultimate in decadence and luxury.
  • Faux ashen wood flooring – The new flooring allows for easier cleanup, with less space for bathroom mold to get caught in the grout, while also giving a homey feel to the overall look.
  • Large vanity with ample storage – These homeowners will never have to fight over bathroom space again with the new larger vanity, allowing enough space for all of their products. The vanity also gives a great space to get ready without feeling cramped.
  • Updated Sink Fixture – The new black faucet, levers, and showerhead give this bathroom an updated look that is also easier to keep clean than the previous metal.
  • Modern Designed Toilet – This box-style toilet pulls the unique design elements together.
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Bathroom Remodeling in Carpentersville, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Carpentersville

The remodel job done to this bathroom in Carpentersville centered on comfort and ease of use. The double sinks with new faucets for his and hers provide extra floating storage and a unique space for each to get ready. Your guests will be amazed with the modern design of these double faucets as they defy gravity. The contoured bathtub gives a luxurious experience for bathing while being both spacious and designed for luxury. The separated shower and tub help reduce the need for constant cleaning of both. We have also added massage heads in both the tub and shower, allowing for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Even the new walling allows for easier cleanup without the fuss of tile.

Updated Features:

His and hers sinks, updated modern faucets, new shower heads, new shower, updated shower flooring, contoured bathtub, separate shower and tub, massaging heads in tub and shower,  wood like walls

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Kitchen Remodeling in Streamwood, IL

Kitchen Remodeling in Streamwood

Sunny Remodeling’s team took a modern approach to take this outdated kitchen from what you would expect at grandma’s house to something you might see in an art gallery.
New lighting – The new pendant light with grated crystal-like design adds a modern look with added reflected lighting.
Tiled backsplash – The tiled backsplash in white replaced the green wall that was once there, making for easier cleanup and a more appealing look.

New marble countertops – The new marble countertops were installed with precision and care, replacing the once wood countertops.
Updated Sink and Faucet – The new sink and faucet set up give a more modern look.
Replaced window – Replacing the window in the kitchen allows for more natural light and can also help save on heating and cooling costs.

Safer wall outlets – The wall outlets were updated not only in color, but also to safer electrical versions.
Pristine color coordination – The color coordination of the new kitchen remodel pulls the whole look together, with modern hues of white, black and gray.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Mundelein, IL

This bathroom remodeling project in Mundelein went from boring to glorious with the following updates made by Sunny’s Remodeling team.

Glass towel racks – Securely fitted to the wall, these towel racks provide the extra storage this bathroom needed while keeping a pristine look.

Built-in recessed shower caddy – Now anyone who uses this shower will have the luxury of storing all of their personal products in the shower without having to deal with the hassles of a plastic shower caddy.

Bathroom Remodeling in Mundelein

Updated marble wall tiling – The new wall tiling in the shower provides a surface where stains are harder to spot than the stark white finish it started with, while still being easy to clean.

Shower panel with massager – The new shower panel with massager provides a way to relax and enjoy the shower no matter how tall you are.

Updated bathtub and shower faucet – The updated faucet in the tub allows for more comfortable water pressure and temperature control, while also being a more modern design.

Tempered glass sliding shower panels – Instead of the previous mirrored glass doors, the updated clear doors look into the beautifully updated shower and tub combo.

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