Bathroom remodeling in Schaumburg - new shower and tile

Bathroom Remodeling in Schaumburg

Schaumburg IL Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom in Schaumburg said goodbye to outdated tiling and faucets, and hello to a new modern design with the help of Sunny Construction & Remodeling.

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The dimly lit area was lacking a certain something, but the new design brought with it new life for this bathroom. The color scheme is a modern black, white, and gray with fun detailing done in the shower. Here is what we updated:

  • Vanity – The new double vanity is wider and provides more needed space.
  • Mirror – The oversized mirror adds a touch of class
  • Shower – The new tiling in the shower gives an art deco feel
  • Tub – The updated tub in a geometric design pulls the room together
  • Added Storage – By adding a larger vanity and recessed caddy in the shower, there is now ample storage space in the bathroom.
  • Sinks – The new sinks have a classic design you cannot go wrong with.
  • Shower heads – The multiple shower heads provide an exhilarating shower experience.

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If you’re a homeowner in the Schaumburg area, and you’re tired of your current bathroom, our remodeling team can transform your bathroom. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the Chicago and Schaumburg area with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate.

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    Quote From Another Homeowner

    Sunny Construction & Remodeling is the company you want for your next home project. As far as the bathroom, he did excellent job replacing toilet, vanity cabinet, sink and bathroom faucets. He installed new tiles and his work was perfect. In general, I’m very detailed oriented and meticulous person but his final work left me nothing to complain about. Like I said, it was perfect! I have received several compliments on my new bathroom from friends and family.

    – Anna, Schaumburg IL

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