Bathroom Remodeling in South Barrington - new shower tile, aggragate

Bathroom Remodeling in South Barrington

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The story of this remodeling project is both in the bathroom and the hallway leading to the bathroom. Previously, the bathroom was a generic bathroom with basic shower, vanity, paint, etc. Our remodel created a bold, beautiful new bathroom and entrance-way that is exponentially better.

  • Stunning new shower. As you can see in the very last before and after photo from the gallery, the old shower had a glass door, but was a basic installation. The new shower is a centerpiece of the new bathroom, and uses space more efficiently. In the replacement shower, faux stone walls are accentuated by a colorful shower base of aggregate tile in earth tones. A marble bench allows a person to sit in the shower. Marble accents are on the lip of the shower near the door, and a ribbon of aggregate stones runs vertically from the bottom to the top of the far shower wall. This is encased in a clear glass door.
  • Replacement bathroom flooring. The old flooring was white tile squares with grout. The new flooring is gray wood laminate, which along with the other elements in the re-designed bathroom, frames the room while remaining in the color palette.
  • New countertop, sink, and vanity. The old plain wood vanity and stock white countertop were discarded in favor of a black-stained vanity with extra drawers for storage. The sink countertop is the same bold marble that is accented in the shower area.
  • Bathroom mirror and backsplash. A mirror framed with the same color stain as the vanity and new bathroom shelves hangs above the sink. Behind the mirror is a backsplash of small square tiles of the same earth tones found throughout the remodeled bathroom.
  • New paint job. The walls of this renovated bathroom were painted a light tan color, accentuating the rest of the colors and tones in the room.
  • Hallway flooring In the hallway leading to this bathroom, there once was off-white carpet. This was replaced with a chestnut stained hardwood flooring. The same wood is used for the doorway and door of the bathroom.
  • New paint in the hallway. The hallway outside the bathroom was once white, now it has been painted a dark charcoal gray. This contrasts with the dark amber wood in the floor and door jams, creating a feeling of elegance.

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    Last month, Sunny Construction updated my two old and ugly bathrooms on the 2nd floor. Before I worked with him, I met three different installers, talked and got the estimates, and the last person I met was Rafal. I chose Sunny Construction because I could feel kind of trust (believe or not) when I first met Rafal and talked with him. About their work and totally updated bathrooms, I’m so happy! The quality of their work was awesome! They knew exactly what they needed and what they had to do. They really focused on their work until the last day and I can say that every moment they did their best. While they were working, I could always, easily have a conversation with them. I was so impressed that they were very responsible to the end of updating.
    If I have another updating to be done in the future, I will not hesitate to choose Sunny Construction & Remodeling again!

    – SK, South Barrington IL

    South Barrington Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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