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Kitchen Remodeling in Elmhurst

Upscale Kitchen Remodeling in Elmhurst

We remodeled this Elmhurst kitchen with a classic, elegant style. Check out these before and after photos to get a real sense of the difference a quality home remodeling contractor can make.

After Photos

Now, compare and contrast with the before photos.

Before Photos

What We Did During the Remodel

As you can see in the images above, the old kitchen had a bit of a dated look, with wood cabinets and quartzite countertops. The old kitchen had a kitchen island, but it was smaller than the one we would ultimately use in the new kitchen. There wasn’t enough storage room to keep the previous version of the kitchen uncluttered at all times.

Our goal was to make the new kitchen elegant, upscale, and provide ample storage space. The flooring and wall paint remained the same – dark hardwood for the flooring and a grayish paint. What could we do to make this kitchen renovation look spectacular?

  • Larger kitchen island. The new island matches the new color scheme, white countertop with a pale greenish-gray cabinet support base. Some changes in the kitchen island were replacing the previous smaller island with a longer island to allow more room for seating and storage. A built in microwave also in in the island. Extra drawers and cabinet space allows kitchen items to be stored out of sight, reducing clutter.
  • New floor to ceiling cabinet with built-in mini fridge. A new cabinet with white facings provides more storage space. There is a desktop space on this cabinet, which sits atop a small mini-fridge with see-through door, and more drawer space.
  • Replacement cabinets and countertops. We added new cabinets that are all white, and replaced the old countertops with white quartzite countertops. This really makes the kitchen look elegant.
  • Custom kitchen backsplash tiling. Another great touch in this kitchen redesign is the white tiling backsplash. Instead of the normal square shaped or rectangular shaped tiling, this kitchen features triangular shaped tiling, giving the kitchen a distinct, luxurious aesthetic.

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