Bathroom Remodel in Hoffman Estates

Master Bathroom Remodeling in Hoffman Estates

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Our team has upgraded hundreds of bathrooms, and this Hoffman Estates bathroom is no exception. You can see from the before and after photos that this was a night and day improvement. Here are some features we added:

  • New jacuzzi tub. The standard tub was replaced with a luxury jacuzzi tub. The tub area was enhanced with marble-like surrounding on the wall and base. An ornamental diamond pattern is on the facing wall, overlaying the marble-like wall paneling. This entire area is closed off by a sliding glass door with a frosted glass illustration.
  • Brand new shower. Originally, the old shower was a standard enclosure, and the old tile was mildewing badly. The brand new shower is a beautiful marble pattern enclosure, with a shelf to sit on, if desired. The shower base has interlocking ornate geometric patterns. When looked at as a whole, it looks absolutely fancy and upscale.
  • New flooring. The old flooring was basic square tile with difficult-to-clean grout. With the new flooring, it is a marble-like laminate, creating a luxury aesthetic.
  • Overhead lighting. We added ceiling lighting in the shower area. The tub area is right by a window, but there is also lighting here to illuminate the room.
  • Repainted bathroom. We repainted the original eggshell yellow with a slate gray paint job, for a consistent color palette.

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    This is a high quality construction company that does NOT cut corners. The tiles were meticulously cut and placed perfectly, leveled and straight. The attention to detail was so incredible, unlike any job I have seen before, and we have done many remodeling projects in our home and worked with various contractors. Rafal and his crew came to work on time every single day. There were no delays, no surprises, no hidden fees. What you see is what you get, and what you see is QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.

    – Ronald F.

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    Bathroom Remodeling in Hoffman Estates

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