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Schaumburg IL Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in Schuamburg

We recently had the honors of remodeling the bathroom for this homeowner in Schaumburg, Illinois. You can check the before and after photos below. We also talk in more detail about the work we did to renovate this bathroom.

Chicago Area Bathroom Renovations

  • Artistic vessel sink and new vanity. The previous bathroom had a standard white basin sink and brown vanity as a base. In the new bathroom the base is a black finished vanity with cabinet drawers and a marbled countertop. On this marble counter is a rectangular vessel sink, with a black exterior, and a brilliant artistic ocean blue basin, made from tempered glass. This focal point adds another dimension of upscale elegance, and a sense of luxury to the upgraded bathroom.
  • New, more accessible shower enclosure. Originally, the shower area was a stock rectangular alcove tub with a shower head and shower curtain. This redesigned shower features an enclosure of dark gray geometric patterns, green-gray aggregate shower base, and a sliding glass door to make this walk-in shower easier to enter. The new shower also comes equipped with a rain shower head and body shower jets to fully clean in an immersive experience. The improved shower has a seat, making it easier for all family members to bathe, and a recessed caddy for toiletries.
  • Brand new flooring. Basic square tile with grout was replaced with a stylish and classy wood laminate flooring, making the bathroom more luxurious and easier to clean.
  • New paint and wall decor. the basic beige paint in the old bathroom was replaced with an off white which helps illuminate the bathroom. The standard rectangular wall mirror was replaced with a polygon-shaped wall mirror that adds unique charisma to the bathroom. Wall hangs help hold washcloths and hand towels in place instead of them laying on the sink countertop.

Bathroom Remodeling in Schaumburg IL

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    Had our bathroom remodel done…bathtub, porcelain tile in an alcove, plus the porcelain floor. Rafal made sure all the plumbing was done right, and that porcelain cuts were tremendous and accurate by Luke. Best company I ever worked with and a 5 year warranty to top it off. So call Sunny Construction and Remodeling…5 stars!

    – Roman C., Schaumburg IL

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