Deck or Patio Remodeling

We have extensive experience of building decks and patios. We begin with making an assessment of the size and area of the deck or patio, and then we present a design and advise you on how we propose to go about it. In brief, our services include:

  • Design studies
  • Permits and permissions, as required by the local building codes and restrictions
  • Building or civil work for the job that includes material procurement
  • Completing the project within time and budget specifications


Wood is the most popular choice for making a deck and this has been true since generations. Wood deck construction is a complex task that requires considering deck layout and plans, framing, posts, beams and finally the lumber, railings and stairways. Whether you use CCA lumber or redwood, the planks should be spaced tightly because they will shrink with time and wear. Patios may be made out of brick, flagstone, or mortar mix.

Costs of Deck or Patio Remodeling Projects

We calculate costs based on type of material to be used and the extent of work involved. Call us now for a free estimation.

Types of Decks

Decks are made of wood and the more seasoned the wood is the better will be the life of the deck. Support taller decks with steel beams or columns. Alternatively, use composite material made using a mixture of plastic and wood or other cellulose material for outdoor deck components like decking, railings, spindles, post wraps and caps, etc. Some components are made from recycled plastic milk cartons and discarded shipping pallets, even virgin plastic and cellulose fibers or flour and/or a blend of virgin products with recycled materials. Some are still made with 100 percent recycled materials.