Kitchen Remodeling in Roselle

Kitchen Remodeling in Roselle, new kitchen backsplash, flooring, cabinets, countertops

Kitchen remodeling in Roselle

This small kitchen in Roselle opened up into a great space to share meals and memories with families when Sunny Construction & Remodeling redesigned the space.
The warm gray of the walls detracts from the bustling atmosphere that the previous green walls added to the kitchen, helping to provide a comforting space. The clean look of the new color scheme combined with added storage makes this space more welcoming to guests.
Additional cabinetry and a new standing pantry gave storage in a previously cluttered kitchen, making the kitchen feel more open and inviting. The homeowners will now be able to prepare large meals without feeling cramped in their kitchen. What was once free-standing storage that clashed with the décor has been revamped into built-in kitchen furnishings that add value and beauty to the kitchen.

The new island with an oversized and overhanging counter provides maximum food preparation space as well as additional seating for entertaining guests. The island also provides drawer space with vintage style drawer pulls.

Kitchen remodeling in Roselle

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