Bathroom remodeling in Hanover Park - new tub and shower, tiles

Bathroom Remodeling in Hanover Park

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The old version of this bathroom was a tad cluttered, and had a generic aesthetic. Our team helped upgrade this bathroom, and add some pizazz to the aesthetic. Here are some of the improvements we were able to make.

  • New tub paneling. Standard white paneling found in many bathrooms was replaced with laminate paneling with a ribbon of colored aggregate backsplash tiling. The paneling had a faux-wood pattern in off-white.
  • Upgraded flooring. In the upgrade, the square tile with grout was replaced with laminate wood flooring in a dark gray color. This helped the bathroom look incredible on completion.
  • Replacement vanity. The old vanity that the sink and countertop sit on was a standard wood finish. You see this type of dual-door vanity in many homes. The replacement vanity has dual doors with frosted glass windows. It also has extra drawers for additional organizational storage.

Bathroom Renovations in Hanover Park

For almost fifteen years, Sunny Construction & Remodeling has helped homeowners in the greater Chicago area with bathroom remodeling and improvements. We can help you renovate your bathroom and create a beautiful room. Contact us today to get a no-obligation estimate.

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    Another Homeowner Said This

    Rafal and Sunny Construction did an excellent job on my bathroom remodel. They ripped out an older tub, took the wall liner off, and ripped down the old drywall. They then put up new drywall, a new tub, a new shower valve, and installed new wall tiles and accents. It looks fantastic and I am very happy I chose to go with Sunny Construction.

    – Steve C, Hanover Park IL

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