Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

We remodeled two bathrooms for this homeowner in Lombard, Illinois. A large master bathroom and a regular sized second bathroom. You can see some of the work we completed in the photos below.

  • New shower enclosure. While the old version of the bathroom had a brown faux-stone pattern, this had to be replaced to fit the newly renovated bathroom. The new version of the shower has a faux marble shower enclosure and base. This helps create a clean modern look and feel.
  • New backsplash. The backsplash along the wall the the tub and shower was also changed from a brown faux-stone to a lighter colored, faux-marble. This helps brighten the bathroom and make it look much more elegant.
  • Brand new vanity and countertops. In the old version of this bathroom, the vanity was the basic nondescript vanity that most homes have, and the countertop was made of a dark speckled quartzite. The theme for both bathroom renovation was changing the color scheme to white, gray, and black and brightening up each room to make it more modern looking. What we did in the main bathroom was replace the original vanity with a new white vanity with fancy black cabinet pulls. The new countertop is a faux marble which reflects light much more efficiently.
  • Upgraded flooring. We replaced the old vinyl flooring with a nice looking gray pattern flooring that matches the other components in the bathroom.
  • Premium sink fixtures. To keep the color motif of white, black, and gray consistent, and make the bathroom look fancy, we ordered premium oil-polished brass black sink fixtures for both sinks. Little details such as these help create a fancy aesthetic,
  • Premium mirrors and other accessories. We replaced the old mirrors above the dual sinks with modern rounded corner no-frame mirrors. The old mirrors had elaborate bronze frames, but these contributed to the dark color palette of the previous bathroom. These mirrors have a black outer border, making these recessed mirrors look quite modern and trendsetting.

For the second bathroom, we completed the following items to create an updated contemporary bathroom.

  • Tub to shower conversion. The old bathtub with the grouted tile backsplash was replaced by our team with a stylish shower enclosure. The shower has clear glass doors and a faux-marble pattern which helps create a clean, modern look. It also makes cleaning the bathroom and taking a shower much easier.
  • New vanity and countertop. Previously, the second bathroom had a generic medium brown vanity with a low-grade quartzite-style countertop. The colors in the bathroom were very mismatched and the aestheitc was all over the place. We upgraded the vanity to a fancy black-stained vanity with a marble-like countertop which matches the shower enclosure and base.
  • New Flooring. The old version of this bathroom had a brown vinyl flooring, which we changed to a higher-quality gray flooring. This helps all the color schemes match, and makes the underlying floor structure more damage resistant.
  • Lighting fixtures. in the old bathroom, a basic light fixture with two frosted glass dome lights provided illumination. We replaced this with a much fancier light fixture with three clear glass barrel dome lights. The result is more soft white light in the room and a more cohesive look.
  • New paint. The final touch was changing the previous mint green paint to a light gray paint. This new color scheme is unified in every component of the new bathroom. It is a vast improvement over the disjointed design of the original bathroom.

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Looking to redesign and renovate your Lombard IL bathroom? Our remodeling experts can help you renovate your entire bathroom and create your dream bathroom. We can help walk you through different options and our remodeling process. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate.

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    Quote From a Satisfied Homeowner

    I cannot rave enough about our recently remodeled bathroom! We had a few ideas at the start, and a couple of questions about our bathroom from 1985, but we received everything we wanted and more. We were given great suggestions and ideas, of which we took just about all of. And all of our questions were answered along the way. Working with Sunny is very easy and they took excellent care of us. Their workmanship is second to none. Timing for this project, start to finish, was pretty good (didn’t take long) and they gave great attention to things like the dust and debris kicked up from a demo. The cost was very fair. We got a ton of bang for our buck!

    They have great attention to detail and making this room the fanciest one we currently have. So yeah, we now have the itch to update other areas in our house and we’ll be going straight back to Sunny!

    – Jacob I.

    Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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    Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

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