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Sunny Construction & Remodeling is your trusted and reliable local bathroom remodel contractor Chicago pros serving North and Northwest Chicago Suburbs. We are family owned and operated and we are proud of our achievements and level of success in the Chicagoland Area. Schedule your no obligation free estimate today: (708) 860-9742

Sunny’s Remodeling team can turn your drab bathroom into a fabulous oasis of relaxation. See yourself coming home and seeing your once cramped bathroom space be an open, light-filled room with a jacuzzi tub, spacious vanity for storage, and shower panel with multiple massagers. Let the stress of the day melt away by hiring our professionals to remodel your outdated bathroom.

Designed With You In Mind

Take your vision from dream to reality by sharing with our design team, and we will promise to wow you. Pick your color scheme, flooring choice, and tell us what your goals are. Be sure to look through our many completed projects to spark inspiration, from vintage and Victorian styles to new-age modern ideas; we cover it all.

Keep these things in mind when creating a design plan for your bathroom remodel.

  • Color scheme. Pick a color scheme that remains neutral or is easy to recover, to increase the home value. Lighter colors are both more natural to cover up and help open up the space of the bathroom.
  • How many people use the bathroom? Do you need his and her vanity? Make sure you won’t be crossing elbows while trying to get ready in the morning.
  • How much storage space will you need? Think about all the things you store in the bathroom when deciding on storage options.
  • Is this a kid’s bathroom? Get creative with kid’s bathrooms and make sure the bathroom is accessible for small children.
  • Long-term usage. Remember that whatever design you choose should hold up for the long term. Try to avoid fad remodels, or things that are in high-fashion now but may not be appealing in a few years.

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Bathroom Remodeling Creates Functionality and Storage

Even the tiniest bathrooms can become more spacious when you get creative with storage and functionality. Let us install over the toilet shelving, in vanity cupboards, recessed shower caddies, the possibilities are endless. Replace that towel rack with a new, more functional storage design that will give you more space and create ease of use.

Bathroom Remodels Increase Home Value

A redesigned bathroom opens the door for increased home value and has a high return on investment. Something as simple as replacing the floor, or adding new lighting can increase buyer interest and raise your home’s value. Keep buyer’s in mind when planning a bathroom remodel if you plan on moving soon, and we will help make a plan to increase your returns.
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More Bathroom Remodeling Projects in Schaumburg

This bathroom remodeling project will make the homeowners feel like they are bathing on the beach in their new rain shower. The color combinations provide a soothing backdrop with their cool blues near the shower and sandy hues on the flooring and walls.

The new look of the bathroom provides a more open experience with clear glass around the shower. The tiled walls of geometric shapes in a creamy sand color give a modern vibe to the space. The new shower head gives an experience that surrounds you in a waterfall, with the option to use the hand nozzle as well.

Clean and simple lines surrounded in soothing colors allow this bathroom to be a haven from the outside chaos while washing off the stress of the day. The beauty of this updated bathroom space is made more profound by being simplified instead of overly busy.

This bathroom in Schaumburg said goodbye to outdated tiling and faucets, and hello to a new modern design with the help of Sunny’s Remodeling. The poorly lit area was lacking a certain something, but the new design brought with it new life for this bathroom. The color scheme is a modern black, white, and gray with fun detailing done in the shower. Here is what we updated:

  • Vanity – The new double vanity is wider and provides more needed space.
  • Mirror – The oversized mirror adds a touch of class
  • Shower – The new tiling in the shower gives an art deco feel
  • Tub – The updated tub in a geometric design pulls the room together
  • Added Storage – By adding a larger vanity and recessed caddy in the shower, there is now ample storage space in the bathroom.
  • Sinks – The new sinks have a classic design you cannot go wrong with.
  • Showerheads – The multiple shower heads provide an exhilarating shower experience.

Here’s a shower remodeling job we recently completed in Schaumburg.

This is another shower remodeling project from Schaumburg.

Bathroom Contractors Schaumburg

Sunny Construction & Remodeling is your trusted local remodeling contractor located in Schaumburg, serving the Northwest Chicago suburbs. We specialize in all areas of home improvement and home renovation like kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. We are a family owned and operated company, proud of our achievements and level of success.

We Offer Excellent Service & Competitive Rates & Five Years Workmanship Warranty

Working closely with home and business owners, we ensure that the project is thoroughly planned and carefully coordinated. Then, we deliver top quality services that follow the approved plans, all specifications, and meet all required codes and acceptable standards – within budget and on schedule. Call us today for a free estimate at (708) 860-9742.