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    Hardwood Floor Contractor in Chicago IL

    Most often, homeowners make the switch from carpet to hardwood flooring for better visual appeal and easier day-to-day maintenance. Hardwood flooring is more durable than carpet, and can be more practical if you have children or pets. Whether you are looking for wood flooring for your kitchen, living room, basement, or bathroom, Sunny Construction & Remodeling can help you make your Chicagoland home look more beautiful.
    Some of our hardwood floor services include:

    • Hardwood floor installation.
    • Sanding.
    • Finishing and refinishing.
    • Repairs and maintenance.
    • Hardwood stairs and railings.

    Here is a more detailed description of some of our hardwood flooring services and processes.

    Choosing Hardwood Flooring

    There are plenty of options when it comes to wood flooring: material, finishes, cost, durability, and overall appearance are some of the factors to consider. Our contracting team can help you make an informed decision for your flooring remodeling project.

    Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding

    When hardwood flooring is being prepared for refinishing, the old stain must be removed before the new stain can be applied. We use a dustless sanding technology that captures most of the dust during the sanding process, keeping your home clean. Care must be taken to go with the grain of the wood, and use the right grade of sanding. Usually, there are three grades of sanding: coarse, medium, and fine. Sunny Remodeling takes pride in their workmanship, and pays attention to detail. This ensures that you receive the best possible hardwood floor refinishing for your home remodeling project.

    Filling Gaps and Cracks in the Hardwood Flooring

    Fluctuations in the temperature and humidity as the local weather in Chicago changes through the year causes expansion and contraction in the hardwood flooring. This means there are some minute gaps in the flooring. In the winter, these gaps and cracks are more visible, as the wood contracts. During the summer, when the humidity and temperature are higher, the gaps virtually disappear, due to heat expansion. Before our flooring contractors refinish your hardwood, we closely inspect the flooring for noticeable gaps, and we completely fill the apparent cracks before moving to the sanding process.

    Hardwood Floor Repair in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs

    If you have hardwood boards that have damage from water, fire, or are missing or broken, we can repair or replace the damaged hardwood flooring. We can also do patch jobs for hardwood flooring in some cases.

    Chicago Hardwood Floor Staining and Finishing

    During the staining and finishing process, the character of the wood is accentuated. Choosing the right stain will help show off the wood grain, making your home look beautiful.

    Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation

    If your current hardwood flooring is damaged and needs repair, our team of flooring contractors can restore your floors quickly and efficiently, on-time and on-budget.

    Laminate Flooring Installation in the Chicago Area

    Laminate flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood, tile, or natural stone flooring. For many homeowners, laminate flooring is a viable option. The appeal of laminate is that is a manufactured flooring product that closely resembles other naturally-created flooring, like wood or stone. Most people choose laminate because the texture and look is similar to the natural counterparts, but has less cost and upkeep.

    Our flooring specialists can help you choose the best patterns and textures for your home, and professionally install the laminate flooring as part of your home remodeling project.

    Professional Tile Contractors and Tile Installation in Chicago

    Sunny Construction & Remodeling is a trusted company among tile contractors in the Chicago area. We believe that all homeowners in the Schaumburg and the Chicago suburbs should have a beautiful home with top-notch tile installation. We’ve done hundreds of remodeling projects in the greater Chicago area, so you can be assured that we will professionally handle every aspect of your tiling job.

    Our family-owned business installs ceramic, mosaic, glass, porcelain, marble, limestone, travertine, and many other types of tile. We use only the highest quality products, and back our work with a five year warranty on workmanship.

    If you need assistance selecting or designing a tile renovation for your kitchen or bathroom, we can help you. Sunny Construction & Remodeling can also help you with granite or natural stone countertops for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Our tile installers and interior design team takes pride in their work, and can help you redesign your kitchen from a vast array of tile selection choices.

    Kitchen Flooring and Bathroom Flooring in Chicago

    Whether your remodeling project includes ceramic, hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, the team of contracting experts at Sunny Construction have you covered. We can help you with every step of the process, from designing a new look for your kitchen or bathroom, to choosing the flooring, to substrate preparation, and flooring installation.

    Check out our Projects page to see examples of our past kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs, including hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and tile installation. We have years of experience and hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers in the Schaumburg and Chicago metro area.

    If you live in the Chicagoland area, call our flooring installation experts at 708.860.9742 or fill out the contact form below for a free estimate.