Bathroom Remodeling in Mundelein, IL

This bathroom remodeling project in Mundelein went from boring to glorious with the following updates made by Sunny’s Remodeling team.

Glass towel racks – Securely fitted to the wall, these towel racks provide the extra storage this bathroom needed while keeping a pristine look.

Built-in recessed shower caddy – Now anyone who uses this shower will have the luxury of storing all of their personal products in the shower without having to deal with the hassles of a plastic shower caddy.

Bathroom Remodeling in Mundelein

Updated marble wall tiling – The new wall tiling in the shower provides a surface where stains are harder to spot than the stark white finish it started with, while still being easy to clean.

Shower panel with massager – The new shower panel with massager provides a way to relax and enjoy the shower no matter how tall you are.

Updated bathtub and shower faucet – The updated faucet in the tub allows for more comfortable water pressure and temperature control, while also being a more modern design.

Tempered glass sliding shower panels – Instead of the previous mirrored glass doors, the updated clear doors look into the beautifully updated shower and tub combo.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling in Palatine, IL

Master Bathroom Remodeling in Palatine

This bathroom in Palatine got a much-needed facelift and will leave your guests speechless. The updated his and her sink make getting ready a breeze, forget fussing over whose turn it is to brush their teeth or style their hair. The transitional style double vanity provides extra storage space, with a beautiful new mirror for each side. The lighting fixtures went from drowning out all life with spotlights to an impressive display of sconce lighting, still providing ample light. The new shower with a square drain makes a statement and enables easier cleaning than a traditional drain. The seat in the shower offers space for beauty products, and well as comfort and ease of use. Even the tub got a makeover with a beautiful birchwood finish all around which matches the new flooring. Marble counters throughout the bathroom give the bathroom a polished look and tie everything together.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Hanover Park, IL

Kitchen Remodeling in Hanover Park

New life has been brought into this kitchen with Sunny Remodeling’s modern approach to kitchen remodeling. The kitchen space was opened up by new and improved with stainless steel appliances. The gas range brings both beauty and function to the kitchen. What started out as a small, drab space is now fully utilized, and will be a great place to gather with guests. Anyone would be proud to entertain in this space now, without bumping into guests at every turn.

Cabinet overhauls refurbished the look of the room while adding much-needed storage space. Everything from the stone-like wall tiling to the beautiful wooden floors and resurfaced counters was expertly installed to breathe new life into an outdated design.

Even the wall plugs were updated for increased safety and modernization. The expert remodeling team used an excellent eye for design and made the small space feel larger than life while adding more functionality. What was once a cramped, unsafe space is now a great place to gather with pride.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove

This bathroom in Downer’s grove went from dingy cream colors and an outdated tub to a redesign resembling an ancient Greek bathhouse, mixed with modern designs. The ceramic tiled flooring mosaic matches the recessed shower caddy, tying the design of the bathroom together with a black and white color scheme. The updated, deep tub in a box style design gives a more luxurious bathing experience and matches the modern geometric design of the new vanity.

Even the new faucet fixtures are a luxurious black. The marble counter on the new vanity is less porous and makes for easier cleaning, and also has added storage with multiple drawers and shelving under the sink. The over the vanity mirror is oversized and geometric, flowing with the modern design of the bathroom. No detail was overlooked when pulling all of the design concepts together for a cohesive and beautiful new bathroom.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Mount Prospect, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Mount Prospect

Check out all of the fantastic updates Sunny’s remodeling has done for this once drab bathroom in Mt Prospect.

  • Deep Tub. The deeper tub allows for a luxurious bathing experience with full submersion.
  • Oval sink. The beautiful geometric oval sink on the rectangular countertop gives a modern look to this sink basin. The design of the sink also allows for more natural drainage.
  • Oversized vanity. The large, dark vanity is both beautiful and functional. It has added ample storage both inside and on the counter.
  • New shower panel. The updated shower panel with stainless steel fixtures features a massager and easy access to temperature controls.
  • Tiled Shower. The new tile of the shower in deep grays tie together the beauty of the new bathroom design and gives a smoother surface for cleaning.
  • Geometric mirror. Above the oversized vanity is a new, rectangular mirror that spans across the entire vanity.
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Bathroom Remodeling In Roselle, IL

Bathroom Remodeling In Roselle

Sunny’s Remodeling took this bathroom remodeling project in Roselle and providing a functional new design that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to utilize. The modern design features uniform walls, geometric shapes, and stainless steel throughout. The mirrored medicine cabinet is seamlessly affixed to the wall, keeping with the modern look, and matches the stainless steel. Fully tiled walls match from the interior of the shower throughout the entire bathroom.

The wooden box-style deep set sink and vanity feature multiple drawers for additional storage. Stainless steel is featured on the sink, drawer pulls, and shower panel. The shower faucet panel features both an adjustable massager and rain-shower head for a luxury shower experience. The shower also features a recessed caddy with three large shelving units built in with glass shelving to keep all personal bathing products. The dark, geometric flooring makes for easy cleanup and helps to hide stains.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Elk Grove Village, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Elk Grove Village

This bathroom remodeling done in Elk Grove Village by Sunny’s Remodeling provided new storage and increased value to the home. The design is tied together with beach themed colors of sandy wood, and darker colors for elegance. The dark cherry wood vanity provides ample bathroom storage, allowing the homeowner to store their bathroom products that were once cluttering the space. The vintage style of the cabinet finish, knobs, and vanity cover in faux wood bring charm and elegance to the bathroom.

The newly updated shower doors provide ease of use with interior handles to avoid having to use the glass to slide the door. Inside the new tub and shower space you will find a small shelf and matching recessed shower caddy. The unique multi-tile shower and tub design, with a strip of smaller multi-colored tiles, gives a look that you won’t find in any other bathroom.

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Bathroom Remodeling In Schaumburg, IL

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Bathroom Remodeling in Arlington Heights, IL

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Bathroom remodeling in Streamwood

Bathroom remodeling in Streamwood

What was once a cramped space filled with clutter is now an oasis with ample storage in Streamwood. The Sunny’s Remodeling team added value and beauty to this bathroom with beautiful stone tiling, double vanity with two sinks, updated flooring, and redesigned lighting. The pictures speak for themselves for how much more open and inviting this bathroom is now, with bright color options and lighting opening the room up, including the new light inside in the tub and shower combo.

The natural stone tile in the tub and shower combo match the new flooring, pulling the design together. Inside the new tub design, a recessed shower caddy provides convenient storage for personal care products. The modern double vanity in dark gray offers an ample amount of storage, with five drawers, and a large cabinet. Now the homeowners can share this space in peace without clamoring over a mess since they have great storage options.

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